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Bring Your Own Container

By default, Mappia provisions a Magento 2 store using the most recent Magento 2 release. However, you likely want to run your codebase, not what comes with Magento out of the box.

Mappia's values.yaml provides two keys that you can change to configure Mappia to use your own custom image: magento.cli.image and magento.fpm.image.

  • magento.fpm.image processes requests from the internet
  • magento.cli.image is used by the cron and consumer pods.

If you're unsure how to build these images, you can follow along with the Build a docker container for my Magento store guide.


If you're using magento < 2.4.6 you must add this in your composer.json to avoid caching errors.

    "require": {
        "colinmollenhour/cache-backend-redis": "1.14.4 as 1.14.2",